Unified Payment System™ (UPS) is the One and Only, Truly Transparent Payment System...licensed to you.


The Software License

The Funding Accounts

Simplified Dispute Process

Guaranteed Re-association

Provider Payment Inquiries

The Payment Process

All Four Payment Types In-House

Complete Reconciliation of All Payment Types

 As an  UPS license holder, ask us to customize your software.

Proven Savings

Our clients are saving 75% and greater utilizing IOSoft’s provider friendly Unified Payment System. Let us show you the dramatic savings and additional services available to you.

We are a cloud-based system interface that connects with all claim system technology and can be implemented in 30 days or less with no or minimal workflow changes.

We will provide you with an exciting introductory program with significant savings and a seamless trouble-free transition customized to meet your needs.

Unified Payment System™

IOSoft’s Unified Payment System (UPS) will deliver a 75% plus increase in profitability over existing medical payment systems.  Let us show you the dramatic savings and increased productivity IOSoft can deliver for you.

How Do We Increase Your Profits by %75?

Our system provides higher revenue sharing, reduced operating costs and increased productivity efficiencies.   Zero reassociation issues, quick dispute resolution prior to payment, Find any payment within seconds.  Instant payment tracking history at your fingertips.  Extremely Provider friendly with custom features to enhance their experience.   Let us prove it to you.