Self-Service Secure Online Payee Portal


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  • Upload and Download EDI 837/835 EDI 270/271

    • UPS technology provides seamless communication using the latest advanced EDI processing to support the “conversation” between Payer and Provider. Files move effortlessly through the portal achieving a cost free data solution for both parties to the healthcare service/payment transaction.

  • Choice of Payment at Time of Presentment

    • Providers are always presented their preferred method of payment thus eliminating change of payment call-ins and friction.​

  • Choice of Data Delivery and Notification Methods

    • Provider profile history always assures “best method” delivery of patient data and payment available notification.​

  • Simplified Pre-Payment Dispute Process 

    • Provider may “CHAT” with the payer regarding payment calculation prior to accepting a payment. All CHAT conversations are stored in data files linked to the payment transaction. The conversation cannot be refuted.


  • Historical Data/Images Searchable by All Reference Data

    • Payment data is stored forever for the provider and the payer subject to rules of PHI​

  • Online Downloadable Remittance Advice and Same Payment EDI 835 may be available for the same payment