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Payer Choice Technology

Provider Choice Technology

Payee Self-Servicing

Total Electronic Remittance



HealthCare Payers/Providers

Pharmacy Benefit Management


Payment Technologists

Multiple Industry Expertise

Disruptive Payment Technologies


The future is virtual.

Patent Pending Process

Delivered through Secured Portal

Immediately Printed

Immediate Good Funds

Positive Pay Security

Saves Print and Mail Cost 


Immediate "Promise To Pay"- Authorization

One Time Use Secured Card

Uses Standard Credit Card Terminal

Easy, Quick Process

Saves Print and Mail Cost

Generates You Revenue

Virtual Card

Certified 5010 835 and Postable

Plus Guaranteed Re-association

Bank Integrated Monitoring of ACH- Transaction

Saves Print and Mail Cost


it's not about us. it's about you.

We design and implement healthcare payment technology for Payers, TPA's and Providers.

If you are in the business of making healthcare, or pharmacy payments, your success is our primary goal.

We offer free implementation followed by a custom 60-day introduction with signicant savings and a seamless trouble-free transition to meet your needs. 


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